Raising Lady Lazarus

CharlieWisemanBlogPosted by Charles Wiseman Tue, October 21, 2014 06:57:36

The Screenwriters Festival which shows artists at one moment individualistic (out for their separateness, perhaps paradoxically harmonious desire to join as one) the next,supporting each others visions. So special thanks to Fen Greenfield and Lucy Hay there, the latter wanting to quote my Thought about healing from pain with Judy Goldberg for Being Heard..The 'female characters' talk again represents a paradox for me as Alessandra talks of how women are able to dominate without need of a man as in 'Silence of the Lambs', which I realise actually has more feminism in it then first clear: Jodie is capable of fixing our attention on her without the need of a male counterpart ( while most male/edged films require a love interest). Similarly the talk on holding down a career, writing and parenting is wonderful for its simple faith in love.

Judy Goldberg has been a great support with her empowerment asking me at a Landmark what I feel I should do. My writing a book then seems to be an alternative to feeling I have to follow commercial ideas. When it comes to commercial ideas the London Screenwriters Festival seems to have a special place in London, set up entirely by the voluntary efforts of dozens and the avoidance-of-falling-into-debt-philosophy that is the cutting edge of much righteous thinking. Take the women like Phoebe Gibson, Cathy and Judy who combined efforts to work on the subject of abuse. It reminds me of my language degree and how quirky words often reflect the sense of words reflecting unconsciously on how we feel: moved to tears like in French, emu a larme suggests the words take physical motion as part of the experience. The context of being touched is the same, although 'abuse by touch' is a thousand miles from the sort of 'touched' referred to. Mothers have been presented with children that were supposed dead, only to find they were revived simply by the human touch of a parent.

Her own short film is in the pipeline about vulnerable children and reflecting her own growth from difficulty to commanding respect.

Further inspiration comes from a BFI event with the animator behind 'Who's Afraid of Roger Rabbit' with a former President of Warner Brothers. For a while his daughter Tayah Howard comes along to help develop a script which I showed to Charles Harris whose martial arts combine with a deeply intuitive take on writing.

He has a book coming out this month on Screenwriting.

All didn't feel it could get better until a chance chat with Fenella Greenfield who is one of the best editors in the country: Gabriella Apicella has used workshops with women who had been in prostitution and seeing alternative career paths to make Honest Lies, terrific in part because of Fen's brilliance.

She offers to help us develop an experimental film which can be seen on their Euro blog and combined words and images of women talking of scars and painting in pastels which would not have begun without her.

Now I am intending to develop that further with some Belarus actors and perhaps use it as multi-media for a play with street kids.

It could also tour to Edinburgh where Astell Foundation have twin Carlowrie Castle, an innovative academy for street people.

Apart from that I am translating and trying to keep an income to support fatherhood.

I hope that the snippet at St Augustine's goes into something:
Maybe a fundraiser could help with Fenella building on the foundation of the short /improvements.

A hand reader once said I always meet the people I need to get moving.

Awards worthy for Gabey, Fen and others on 'Honest Lies'

Also congrats to Daniel on finishing his Light of my Eyes' for Fests.