CharlieWisemanBlogPosted by Charles Wiseman Mon, June 16, 2014 22:42:11
It is mid June and Oblomov and Lizzie have been growing exotic chamomile lawns sewing elephant poo into the ground, surrounded by spells. Our Editor-in-Chief is expecting a baby so hold onto all those spells.
No-one has ever died who wasn't born and no-one who was born ever died, it's the circle of life. Look for new beginnings and endings. The Wand will appear in due time, we will write about chocolate as Lizzie and Oblomov ate this to give their skin a tan, and left a trail of chocolate in Paris, to find their way and where Proust hung out in caf├ęs with them. Drinking wine after only eating cocoa meant their stomachs fermented and they zealously inexplicably convinced that a great Flood was coming covered the walls of his apartment with cork. (You can google this, as it is a peculiar fact.)
We are working on Big Sister, like Big Brother crucially though -Reality t.v. show in which homeless women fight for the keys to the house or are voted off by viewers. Lizzie Stratosphere sews dreams into hats. The half-dreamt, discarded remains.


Out of the wall a man seems to appear in the BS house. Oblomov picks up and inspects the hats.

He tries one on and disappears smiling, pleased with it through the wall..

The real cruelty of the show was when they were voted back on the street.

A limousine drives to a street kerb where journalists are waiting and take thousands of flash photos. The homeless friends of Sonia cheer and one brings her dog barking on a lead. Thrilled Sonia says that she is delighted to have found him after he was lost in the dunes.

There are dreams enough for everyone.

Can you hear them blowing in the wind?

Sonia: Well, I did miss my dog.

She pets it.

Fill in only if you are not real

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